James Harrison

"The man with the golden arm"

James Harrison
James Harrison donating blood.

James Harrison can be considered a miracle to millions of unborn babies. Donating over 1000 times, he has broken records, saved lives, and helped create a treatment for rhuses disease. Born with an unusual plama composition in his blood, James Harrison became known as The Man With the Golden Arm.

When James was 14, he went under the knife for a major chest surgery. During the surgery, he was given 3.4 gallons of blood! Jame swore to himself that he would start donating blood as soon as he was able after finding out that the massive donation he had received, had saved his life.

Over the course of his life, he broke a world record for donations! The plasma in James' blood saved millions of lives, but he couldn't continue on forever. After 50 years, James was finally considered to be too old to safely donate blood. In those 50 years, he became a role model for many and an inspiration for all potential donors. Get out there and donate today!

"I could say it's the only record that I hope is broken, because if they do, they have donated a thousand donations"

James Harrison

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